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The company can facilitate and participates in partnerships and joint ventures in a variety of scenarios such as:

 • Groups that have a real estate need with limited in-house development expertise who prefer to
   partner with Regent to provide the necessary services. Regent can provide partial equity or provide    turn-key services.

 • Groups who want to share in the benefits of real estate ownership on the basis of providing
   capital, leasing or a combination of both with Regent responsible for managing and
   guaranteeing the development.

The company hosts a range of services including development, construction, property management, financing structure of leasing in varying degrees to achieve the discussed real estate goals.
The benefits of ownership can be significant including:

 • Sharing in cash flow.

 • Sharing distribution from refinancing
   or sale.

 • Benefiting from use of non-cash
   expenses such as depreciation.
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